Building Your Reputation through MAK7Club Endorsement

MAK7Club – Business Endorsement

Visibility, Good Reputation and Creditability is everything when you’re trying to build a business and increase your clientele.

These days, many Multinational Corporations immediately turn to influencers, such as Expert Endorsement and even Celebrity Endorsement.

An Endorsement from a Reputable Unbiased Third-Party Organization, such as MAK7Club is just as valuable as Celebrity and Expert Endorsements, because they have the power to shift their audiences’ perceptions and decisions.

However, Celebrity and Expert Endorsements cost tens of thousands of dollars that your small business probably doesn’t have to throw around.

Today, consumers trust an Endorsement from a Reputable Unbiased Third-Party Organization, such as MAK7Club much more than those from high-priced corporate endorsements, self-serving blogs or internet chatter. That’s why so many small and medium size businesses turn to MAK7Club – Business Endorsement as part of their marketing strategy.

 With a MAK7Club – Business Endorsement instantly put your business in front of thousands of new people, earns you traffic, gets you exposure, helps you build a great reputation and establish trust with all MAK7Club Members, Partners and Affiliates.

Without it, even the best company, offering the best value and service, can go unnoticed and discarded by the masses.

MAK7Club – Professionals Endorsement

A MAK7Club – Professionals Endorsement is, in many ways, similar to a Business Endorsement. It can play an important role in your life by establishing your reputation and credibility, and boosting your career. In fact, an overwhelming 85 percent of consumers report that an Unbiased Third-Party Professional Endorsement of an individual greatly influences their shopping methods and purchasing decisions. Your personal brand should be highlighted and promoted, establish a great reputation, build trust, and communicate the unique attributes and facilitation that you bring and offer to all your clients.

MAK7Club – Personal Endorsement

A MAK7ClubPersonal Endorsement is, in many ways, who you are, what you stand for, the values you embrace, and the way in which you express those values. Just as a company’s brand helps to communicate its value to customers and stand out from the competition, a Personal Endorsement does the same for individuals, helping to communicate a unique identity and clear value to potential employers, friends, relationships or clients.

Basic Rules and Regulations of MAK7Club – Endorsed Members

The MAK7Club – Endorsement mission statement is to inform all MAK7Club Members, Partners and Affiliates of Creditable Members worth of a MAK7Club – Endorsement, and respond to the ever-changing, businesses practices of a few. The MAK7Club strives to advocate on behalf of its members, partners and affiliates good, and works tirelessly to promote equal access and fair-dealing for all.

While accepting the MAK7Club – Endorsement, Rules and Regulations, Businesses and Professional Endorsed members recognize and agree that sincerity, candor, truthfulness, the keeping of promises, member satisfaction and transparency contribute not only to their own credibility and stability but also to the smoothness and efficiency of business transactions, particularly within the MAK7Club membership and its associates.

MAK7Club believes in treating all customers with dignity, irrespective of whether they purchase products and services directly or acquire them through the internet market place.

 All MAK7Club – Endorsed Members therefore have a responsibility to:

  • Provide our members with the highest quality products and services consistent with their requirements;
  • Treat our members fairly in all aspects of business transactions, including a high level of service and remedies for their dissatisfaction;
  • Make every effort to ensure that the health and safety of our members, as well as the quality of their environment;
  • Assure respect for human dignity in products offered, marketing, and advertising; and respect the integrity of the culture of our members.

In the event that the MAK7Club receives a report, or consultation indicating that an action in violation of the MAK7Club – Endorsement, Rules and Regulations has occurred, the MAK7Club will make every effort to expeditiously consult the related member and investigate the alleged violation.

Each situation is investigated independently and action is taken to redress the problem where a claim is proven to be valid.