Business Advertising & Promotions Prices

We Advertise and Promote Your Business or Service Direct to Every MAK7Club Member, Partner & Associate in Your Zone.

No matter which size of business or industry we are discussing, how marketing dollars are allocated is a very important consideration. This is especially true for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Realtors and Salespeople that have smaller budgets and unique needs. Every penny spent on marketing must be money well spent.

Direct E-mail & Multi-Media Advertising                     

    MAK7ClubDirect E-mail & Multi-Media Advertising is Unique in a way it delivers and promotes the Business Members Announcements. It is Direct, Personalized, Authorized, Accepted, Supported & Promoted by all Members, and Published to Each and Every MAK7 Member, Partner and Associate in the designated Zone. It is far more effective, inexpensive and beneficial advertising strategy that any other advertising method or system available in the marketplace today.

   Remember that MAK7Club is a Fast Growing Community of Sociable People and Avid Shoppers, including Allied Groups, Societies, Clubs and Businesses, making the MAK7 Advertising the Most Valued Community Advertising Venue.

   As a MAK7Club Business Member and a Constituent of the MAK7 Community, Your Advertising Message is Personal, Trusted, Accepted, and, Supported & Promoted by All Members, Partners & Associates of the Club. 

      Get the most out of your advertising dollar by Starting Your MAK7 Ad Campaign Today!

      Connect with our Social Media Marketing Agents to help you promote your business brand and your offers, increase sales, grow your business, build a loyalty consumer base and create new friendships, starting today!

Socialize and Promote Your Business

MAK7 Gives the Business Members the Opportunity to PROMOTE Their Business

    MAK7 is the “Umbrella Club” for a Wide Variety of Social Clubs, Networking Groups and Businesses throughout North America. MAK7 Organizes and Offers a multitude of events, activities, business presentations & business shows, a large variety of seminars and workshops, conventions, meetings, fundraisers, dances, dinners, parties, after work gatherings, festivals, seasonal celebrations, relaxation & recreation trips, and many others throughout the year that Enable Our Business Members to Mingle with all other MAK7 Members and Promote Their Business.

     A Wise Quote from Jeff Bezos “Owner of Amazon” the Richest Man in the World, Self-Made; “If you can’t spare $3 a day for Advertising and 60 minutes a day Socializing and Promoting your Business, you shouldn’t be in business”.

MAK7ClubDirect E-mail & Multi-Media Advertising Fees

Direct Digital Marketing Ad: Starts @ $220 per Zone, 2 ads over 1 month

Get Your Business or Service Well-Known in the Community at the Most Affordable PRICES.

  • Endorsed Members receive. Monthly – ADVERTISING DEALS”. We Offer Fantastic Advertising Deals to our Endorsed Members.

$220 Limited Time Direct Digital Marketing Ad- 5 Ad’s Published within 3 Months to ALL Zones.

MAK7Club Endorsed Business Directory Listing

Reinforce Your Exceptional Business or Services Ethics & Reputation
Become a MAK7Club ENDORSED Business, Professional or Individual

FEE: CDN $150 Per Year

Includes Free Notification of Endorsement to all MAK7Club Members

 Being part of our MAK7Club – ENDORSED Business Directory gives you the opportunity to promote yourself, your trade name, your business, your services, your products, your telephone number, your email and have a Permanent Link to your Personal or Company’s Website that might NOT be Known to MAK7Club Members, Partners and AssociatesPlus, we will NOTIFY all members, associates and partners in your State/Province of your status, as a business, professional or individual as seen by the MAK7Club Organization.

MAK7Club is committed to providing continuous support to all MAK7Club Endorsed Business Members so that they may be looked upon as the most ethical, knowledgeable, professional and successful business in their Industry.

The MAK7Club prides itself on “Bringing the Best Together”… can you afford not to be seen as a MAK7Club Endorsed Business Member? It’s paramount and affordable.

 “In Relation to One Aspect of the MAK7Club – ENDORSEMENT has been a game changer for many business owners and professionals, and has helped elevate various businesses and individuals to a new frontier of success that they only could have dreamed of prior to becoming an authorized MAK7Club – ENDORSED BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL or INDIVIDUAL.”