Canada – Executive Director

Corey Elford has owned and operated businesses throughout B.C. for over 20 years.  His hard work and ethical high standards have benefited each community he has established a footprint in. Corey has relied on his analytical and critical thinking skills to guide his business endeavors to achieve success and create positive, respectful working environments for both clients and employees.

Corey Elford is also a Medical Professional, plying his trade in B.C. and Alberta. Throughout the years  Mr. Elford has worked alongside Eagle Group International. Developing personal protection programs and strategies. Helping keep various individuals both safe and successful in their communities and abroad. His caring, patients, empathy, and dedication to detail has helped people achieve things they never thought possible.

Corey has now turned his attention to growing the MAK7Club brand. As a Founding Contributor he has helped structure and develop various details throughout the program. With strong focus on community support and growth. Corey is dedicated in the continual success of both MAK7Club’s goals and ongoing advancement to all its members and their neighborhoods.