Consumer Protection & Mediation

The MAK7 “Consumer Assistance” Division is a designated Dispute Resolution Center whose major function is to provide Assistance to MAK7Club Members, which includes Individuals and Businesses alike.

  Serving as a designated Advocate for Fairness, the division also acts as a source of Businesses Information and aids in answering individual’s and business questions, and Assists in the Resolution of Concerns, Disputes and Disagreements.

 The MAK7 Personnel have outstanding contacts and communication skills and are able to communicate effectively with individuals, businesses and corporations at all levels, as well as, with people of all cultures, and able to develop appropriate options and actions to have the job done.

 The skills used by the MAK7 Personnel to assist the members resolve their conflicts, include;

  • Consulting with the corporation, departments, managers and/or involved individuals to develop cooperative strategies for resolving the conflict or situation.
  • Serve as a facilitator between the parties via shuttle diplomacy
  • Informally bringing the parties together and serving as a facilitator or mediator, acting as a liaison between individuals or businesses and the administrative structure, serving as a communicator or facilitator, as appropriate, and providing upward feedback.
  • Help the parties determine which conflict resolution method would be appropriate for the specific situation.

See our section for; People and Business that MAK7 DOES NOT Deal With .

      Remember that, MAK7 offers to its members from time to time Informative Seminars on; Consumer Law, Practices, Procedures , Fraud and others…