Eagle Claw: The Self Defense Tool



The Ultimate Street Self-Defense Tool

Eagle Claw® is the #1 Seller & Proven to be the Best Street Self-Defense Tool in the World…by Far!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

(Endorsed by Members of the USA Diplomatic Corps)

The “Eagle Claw” is Very Versatile and Far More Effective than a Taser, Pepper-Spray, Mace, a Club, a Knife or Even a Gun, in Close-Quarters Situations. Realistically; It Takes Less Than 2 Seconds for Anyone to Realize How Powerful & Devastating the “Eagle Claw” is.

Men & Women – Any Age Over 16 Years Old. Previous Experience in Fighting Arts or any other Self-Defense Program Are NOT Required or Necessary.

Your Fitness Level, Your Strength, Your Gender or Your Age, is Completely Irrelevant on How to Effectively Defend Yourself with the “Eagle Claw”. Basically Anyone Can Learn How to Use and Apply the “Eagle Claw” Street Self-Defense Powerful Techniques in a Very Short Time. The Fact is, the “Eagle Claw” Will Do 95% of the Work For You, in Any Physical Street Confrontation…Without Fail.

The “Eagle Claw” is the Only Street Self Defense System in the World That in Such Short Training-Time, Guarantees its Effectiveness and Reliability, and Offers a 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED or Money  Back – No Questions Asked.  To See the Basic “Eagle Claw” Street Defense Techniques Video, Click on the video below. 

“Eagle Claw” is Legal to carry and make use of, when Personal Loss of Life, Abduction, Kidnapping, Assault, Rape, Beating, Mugging or Serious Injury may become apparent to the holder in a Physical Confrontation ….

Be Assured that: The “Eagle Claw” Impact is Agonizing and the Defense Techniques Very Painful, Debilitating and Unforgiving, but, Simple, Direct and Very Easy to Learn…We Guarantee it.

The “Eagle Claw” is a Must Have, For; Joggers, Executives, Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Bankers, Nurses, Paramedics, Emergency Responders, Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Salespeople, Seniors, Transportation Personnel, Taxi Drivers, Travelers, Campers, Protection & Security Personnel, Night-Shift Workers, Food & Beverage Servers, Office & Retail Personnel, University & College Students, Etc, … Everyone in Fact.


To See the Basic “Eagle Claw” Street Defense Techniques Video, Click Here

Also Available:

  • 1 and 2 Hours “Eagle Claw”  Workshop Programs & Yearly upgrades and refreshers
  • Street Self-Defense Mindset & How to Control Fear Workshops – Without Fear. Without Fail, Without Equal … Mindset is Everything.

“Eagle Claw”® History

“Eagle Claw” was designed in1976 by;

Eagle Group International (USA) Inc. – EGI a United States of America, Department of Defense Certified Service Contractor

The “EAGLE CLAW” key-chain is a high-precision human force carrier and energy displacement unit that was designed and “Field Tested” (for 2 Years) specifically for the USA Secret Service, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sky Marshals, Homeland Security Personnel, ICE Personnel, Diplomats, High-Level Corporate Executives, High-Level & Extreme-Risk Bodyguards, Highly Specialized Military Task Forces and Emergency Response Police Forces.

TODAY, the “EAGLE CLAW” is an essential part of the equipment arsenal of hundreds of Highly Specialized Security Forces, and owned by thousands of Law-Abiding Civilians, Worldwide.

See the Eagle Group International (USA) Inc. – EGI … Website, Click Here

The Best Gift … Ever…

Give an “Eagle Claw” as a Present to Someone You Care About!
With Millions of Dollars Spent Every Year on Symbolic Holidays & Events, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Going to  College, Etc, Gifts, But, None Makes a Personal Statement as Strong as the “Eagle Claw” Gift; It Clearly States That You Care About the Person’s Self Protection, Safety, Security and Well-Being.

​What Else is More Important?

“Eagle Claw” Characteristics

  • Length:  5½ inches    
  • Body: ½ inch Rockwell Polymer Rod    
  • Tips: ¼ inch Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Tubing

TOP Quality Units: Eagle Claw Materials are Manufactured in Germany and HAND-CRAFTED in North America.

Regular Price: $55.00 plus $4.75 shipping per Unit

Sale Price: $34.98 plus $4.75 shipping per Unit

NOTE:  This offer is not available in stores. Eagle Group International reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. The “Eagle Claw” is NOT to be sold or Authorized to be given to MINORS.