Earthquake & Disaster Survival

Disasters often bring out the best in people. Unfortunately they also bring out the worst. After any disaster, whether local or widespread, there will be individual’s intent upon creating mischief. Lawlessness and disorder frequently become the rule of the day. While some individuals are lending their neighbors a helping hand, others will be helping themselves. There will be looting, stealing and an increase in acts of violence. Gang violence will become more common, even among individuals who formerly took no part in gangs. The police will be overwhelmed, so the responsibility will fall on the individual to provide protection for self and family.

  No matter where you live, your local area has its own potential for a doomsday event: an earthquake, tornado, forest fire, flood, tsunami, etc. Human error and carelessness can also cause massive disruption: a large hazmat spill, extended blackout, nuclear event, terrorism attack, etc. Because of all these variables, we can’t give you a “one size fits all” solution. we’re biasing our recommendations towards earthquake preparedness and survival. You’ll need to learn life survival skills and customize a survival list to fit your family size and situation. You also have to decide if you’re going to plan for a short-term, mid-term, or long-term disruption. Experts recommend that everyone be able to live independently (totally “off the grid”) for at least seventy-two hours… three days. In most areas of the country, that’s how long it may take for help to reach you in a major disaster. That’s Level I survival. Level II is a survival plan to live without normal amenities or assistance for 20 days. Level III is the plan and supplies to survive for at least 60 days. In this Limited Time Offer, MAK7Club is offering its members a reasonably priced “Disaster Survival” Workshop, we’ll concentrate on Basics of Level I “Earthquake Survival“. This goes with our “reasonable worst-case” mentality (as opposed to worst-worst case). Nonetheless, we’ve all seen first-hand how fragile our civilization is with COVIT-19 Pandemic situation. When a pandemic hits without infrastructure destruction or a forecast of a moderate snowstorm causes people to rush the supermarkets, clearing shelves of toilet paper, bread and milk, it doesn’t take too much imagination to visualize civilization breaking down quickly after a truly disruptive event, such as, a Devastating Earthquake.

  Imagine you suddenly have no electricity, no running water, no natural gas, no heat, no telephone service, no internet, no access to medical emergency or police help, etc. Assume you are shopping, in highway or in your home or office, and it’s not safe to leave. Emergency services are unavailable. Police, ambulances and fire departments are overextended; even if you were able to contact them, they couldn’t respond. You’re on your own… What will you do? We’re so used to all the conveniences of modern life: lights, appliances, TV, communications, phones, medical emergency hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, motorized vehicles, internet, climate control, etc. When they’re suddenly taken away, few of us know how to cope. In these circumstances, panic can set in quickly. Please remember, this is not worst-worst case. There is a fair chance we may face this scenario one day. It sure makes sense to us to have a realistic action plan and learned skills to deal with that possibility. It makes sense to acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to survive a disaster and obtain the vital education and items for a Real Medical Emergency *before* they’re needed. You will NOT be able to obtain them after the event occurs.

Safety and Knowledge must be foremost in the mind of the survivor:  Carelessness is caused by ignorance and (or) poor judgment or bad luck. One miscalculation can result in self-inflicted injury or death.

NOTE: This Workshop is structured and taught by Eagle Group International (EGI) Inc. (www.007skills,com) and to be well above your Requirements

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