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People are the heart of our Group – maintaining a close connection with members and actively supporting our network of Associated Social Clubs, is a core ingredient in our recipe for turning dreams into reality and success.

We would like to introduce you to MAK7Club, the home of International Social Clubs Association. 

Over the past few months we have been growing our membership and expanding our platform of Associated Social Clubs, at an unprecedented pace.  Our success is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication we devote to each member and Associated Clubs – whether large or small. 

 MAK7Club was born from the desire to assist aspiring socializing entrepreneurs and established social clubs to expose and expand their services and membership nationally and internationally.

We are a diverse Umbrella for Social Clubs who has partnered with best in class professionals to deliver a wide range of socializing benefits, functions and services to our Associated Social Clubs.

‘Bringing the Best Together’ is not only our moto but the way in which we operate. At MAK7Club you can find the best of everything, to make your startup, new or established social club venture a complete success. From marketing and new members’ enrolment, right through to making your own promotional project, we have brought the best of all industries together to give you the simplest and more effective promotional advice, exposure and services! We know you’ve got more important things to be doing, like running your social club, so let us handle the rest! It’s FREE…

From the smallest social club to the largest multinational socializing systems, our philosophy is to work with all our Associated Clubs to bring them the utmost success whilst working to improve the socializing and networking industry within North America and Internationally.

Success is being in the know. MAK7Club is always in the loop, consistently cultivating leading edge solutions and constantly tapping in on the latest news and market intelligence in order to stay abreast of changes and social trends.

The MAK7Club and its Associated Social Clubs is actively promoted through expos, events, activities, fundraisers, functions, magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, media interviews, websites, directories, various social media channels and many others, thus, exposing all MAK7 Associated Clubs to the masses and possibly generating thousands of new member enrolments throughout North America and the World.

  • The entire world has come to realize that socializing, creating new friendships and having powerful personal connections is paramount in today’s world. Socializing is a Powerful Industry that continues to grow solidly even through difficult economic climates.

MAK7Club is committed to providing continuous marketing and support so that all Associated Clubs may be looked upon as the most knowledgeable, professional and successful Social Clubs in the Industry.

The MAK7Club prides itself on “Bringing the Best Together”… can you afford not to be seen as a MAK7Club Associate? It’s FREE.

Here’s what becoming a MAK7Club – Associated Social Club can do for you:

  • You’ve got clout. You’re now part of a respected and nationally recognized brand. You now have nationwide and worldwide brand awareness and a support system.
  • We will help you build or expand your club membership by announcing to hundreds of individuals that have already joined the MAK7Club and Associated Clubs, by publishing to everyone your Club system, offerings, exclusive promotions, events, activities and updates.
  • We’ll help your club to generate events and we will publicize the information to all clubs members, therefore, increasing you clubs’ revenue.
  • We give you ongoing support, including; online marketing, meetings and networking with other Associated Clubs and regular visits from our Zone Organizers and Field Consultants.
  • As a MAK7Club – Associated Club you have a bank of experience and knowledge from our Zone Organizers and Field Consultants who are always available to answer your questions when a situation might arise. We know what works and we have the professional experience and expertise in place.
  • We’ve taken much of the basic marketing off your shoulders and given it to our professional staff. You now have nationwide and worldwide brand awareness, access to thousands of members, businesses, groups and corporate partners, technology, buying power and a support system. You no longer have to spend your day dealing with marketing or thinking about endless thoughts, therefore, giving you more time to meet with other social clubs, generate promotional projects, create events, network in your community, grow your membership, and promote and manage your club.
  • Our goal is to continually strive to bring you new members, enhance and promote your club while training you on how to motivate and keep your current membership active and happy.

More advantagesand benefits for Associated Clubs and their Members:

  • Associated Clubs receive the benefit of a greater scale of the MAK7Club advertising and promotional activities, therefore, creating a greater public awareness of all Associated Clubs
  • Additional benefits and continuous assistance from the MAK7 and other Associated Clubs
  • Cost effective events and promotional activities.
  • The Associated Clubs receive the benefit of stronger purchasing power and considerable MAK7Club–Corporate Partners discounts
  • Interaction with fellow clubs enabling the swapping of ideas and improving operational systems
  • It enables the Associated Clubs to make available to its members a wide range of diversified events, festivities, activities, seminars, professional services, consumer protection, dental and extended health insurance, businesses discounts and promotions ( i.e. restaurants, merchandise, entertainment, shows, concerts, professional sport events, charters, holiday packages, hotel packages, airline packages, cruise-ship packages, spa and wellness packages, expos, and many others), provided by MAK7Club, Business Members, Corporate Partners and other Associated Clubs
    • And, many others…

MAK7Club is committed bringing unique value to all Associated Social Clubs to help identify and deliver the right solutions to meet their needs. Whether you are an aspiring social club creator or an existing club, we encourage you to inquire with MAK7Club to learn how we can partner with you to help you meet and exceed your goals.