Legal Assistance

Choosing the wrong lawyer can end up costing you a lot of time and serious money.

   So, despite all those lawyer jokes we love, we do need them from time to time. 

   MAK7 offers a unique “Lawyer Referral” system that provides members a way to connect with a good lawyer who can efficiently help them with their legal cases or particular legal problem.

   However, remember that different people will have different responses to a lawyer’s style and personality. So, don’t make up your mind about hiring a lawyer until you’ve met the lawyer, discussed your case, and decided that you feel comfortable working with him or her.

Questions to Ask the Lawyer

   The MAK7Club advises members to ask the following questions before hiring a lawyer:

  • Who will handle your case, a lawyer or a paralegal? Who will be your contact person?
  • Roughly how long will it take to resolve your legal matter?
  • How will you be kept up to date about the progress of your case?
  • What’s the best way to communicate, and will you be billed for phone calls and e-mail correspondence with the lawyer or other staff members?
  • How will fees be calculated—hourly, flat fee, contingent? If it’s hourly, will you be billed for portions of an hour?
  • What expenses are you responsible for?
  • How will you be kept up to date on the amount you owe, and how often will you be billed?
  • Is an advance payment required, and if so, what happens to the payment if you terminate the case before it’s resolved?
  • Will you receive copies of all documents filed in your case?

     MAK7 “Lawyer Referral” Office Personnel come into frequent contact with lawyers who represent our members and are in a position to help and make informed judgments, if a concern arises.

   Ideally, MAK7 will try to find a lawyer who’s willing to serve as your legal “coach” to help you educate yourself to the maximum extent possible and to take over as your formal legal counsel only if necessary.

    Remember that, MAK7 offers to its members from time to time Informative Seminars on; General Law, Corporate Law, Personal Injury Law and others…