MAK7Club – Matrix Forum

Need Funding, Investors, Partners, Going Public, Professional Advice, Help, etc.

The impossible may become possible at the MAK7 Matrix Forum

    What is the MAK7 Matrix Forum? The MAK7 Matrix is a Forum of business executives, stock promoters, investors, professionals and many private individuals who may consider investing or getting involved after listening to pitches from entrepreneurs, product designers, service operators, small business owners, etc, seeking funding or other for their idea, project, business, products, or services.

    Each participant begins by describing their business, project or idea and specifying exactly the amount that they are seeking as an outright investment or involvement with percentage, and what they are offering in exchange.

   Pitches range from those at the conceptual stage to full-fledged long-term businesses. After the pitch, a panel of MAK7 Matrix Forum – Professional Business Consultants will ask the participant basic questions in order to HELP the participant put the essential points across and maybe clarify and enhance some other important subjects not mentioned or missed during the presentation, giving potential investors, partners, promoters, consultants, professionals, etc, the opportunity to assess whether the business, project or idea presented is one which they would consider investing in or be involved with.

    After the Forum presentation, business owners, proprietors, title-holders, project creators, potential investors, stock promoters, partners, professionals, etc, are given the opportunity to meet each other for due diligence, acquire additional information, discuss a business proposal and get to know one another better.

    NOTE: Any individual or group can be represented by a 3rd Party in their quest for assistance at the Forum Presentation.