MAK7Club Endorsement Prices

A MAK7Club Endorsement identity is the totality of your communication efforts that distinguishes you and your business from the competitors. A  MAK7Club Endorsement can help build your business and reputation, attract new customers, and shape consumer’s perceptions of your products, quality, knowledge and services, and, above all, helps build loyalty to your company.

A MAK7Club Endorsement is one customers can easily remember. It ensures fairness, good business ethics and philosophy that differentiate you and your company from competitors. However, even a strong image requires repetition to stay in people’s minds, so make sure you use the MAK7Club Endorsement Logo image consistently in your website, advertisements, newsletters, catalogs, brochures, business cards and other communications.

MAK7Club is committed to providing continuous support to all MAK7Club Endorsed Members so that they may be looked upon as the most ethical, knowledgeable, professional and successful business in their Industry.

Create a Promotional Page Ad on you Website

As a MAK7Club—Endorsed Member you can create a permanent Promotional Page Ad on your Website with the most effective and proven methods of Advertising in the World; Text, Photos, Graphics, Downloads and Video.

The cocktail of these fantastic and valuable advertising components on your Promotional Page Ad, constructed by you or your web designer on your Website, makes it possible to create real miracles of advertising at minimal  or no extra cost (The LINK is included in your Yearly Endorsement Fee).

The Directory Ad link will take readers to your Promotional Page Ad on your Website. You have the freedom of modifying or upgrading your Promotional Page Ad at anytime; daily, weekly or monthly, that’s up to you!

PLUS, your Promotional Page Ad Directory Link or Your Website Address can be forwarded by the reader to anyone in the world and the Ad or Site becomes available to them with a simple click.

Add an Advertising Preheader to your MAK7Club—Directory Ad

What is an Advertising Preheader?
Advertising Preheader is a small line of text (130 characters or fewer) that appears in the MAK7ClubDirectory Ad, after your company name, address, phone, website address and Promotional Page Ad LINK. Advertising Preheaders describes a short summary of your business and/or your offers.

Plus, we will NOTIFY all members, associates and partners in 2 Cities (your choice) in your State/Province of your endorsement status, as an outstanding business, professional or individual as seen by the MAK7Club Organization.

“In Relation to One Aspect of the MAK7Club – ENDORSEMENT, it has been a game changer for many business owners and professionals, and has helped elevate various businesses and individuals to a new frontier of success that they only could have dreamed of prior to becoming an authorized MAK7Club – ENDORSED Member.”

The MAK7Club prides itself on “Bringing the Best Together”… can you afford not to be seen as a MAK7Club Endorsed Member? It’s paramount and affordable.

FEE: $365 per Year             Registered Members Only –  Limited Time Offer: $185 per Year

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  • Free Notification of your MAK7Club Endorsement to all members, associates and partners in 2 Cities (your choice) in your State/Province.
  • Permanent Link to your Personal or Company’s Website that might NOT be Known to MAK7Club Members, Associates and Partners.
  • Exclusive MAK7Club Endorsement Membership Card
  • Certificate of Endorsement and Excellence for the Year
  • MAK7Club Endorsement – Window Decal

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TIPS – Quick Tips for Creating an Effective Web Promotional Page Ad