MAK7Club Businesses Endorsements & Professionals Accreditations

MAK7Club Organization has established itself as both a credible and reliable source of business standards and reputation. We adhere to a strong sense of transparency while maintaining the highest standards of values and ethics.

As a trusted authority in online and personal shopping, MAK7Club has helped hundreds of businesses and professionals improve their digital reputation. With the increased reliance on the internet, positive reputation management is now fundamental to business and professional success.

MAK7Club works diligently to develop a comprehensive plan of action that is tailored to the unique needs of our MAK7Club Endorsed Business or Accredited Professional Members,

It should be no surprise, then, that MAK7Club — Endorsed Business and Accredited Professionals categorization is becoming one of, if not the most powerful tool for business and professional marketing and consumer confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how MAK7Club — Endorsed Business and Accredited Professional categorization helps businesses like yours.

Gain Instant Trust

If your listing appears in MAK7Club Endorsed Business Directory or Accredited Professionals Directory consumers see that you have been Endorsed or Accredited by MAK7Club. If MAK7Club trusts you enough to Endorse your business or Accredit you, they know they can trust you too.

Engage with Customers

MAK7Club now has a ‘Direct Digital Marketing’ Advertising Program (very affordable) where you can communicate announcements, discounts, deals, events, and promotions E-mail Direct to all MAK7Club Members, Associates and Partners in your Zone. Keeping customers up to date on your business promotions and offers, and your business name on their mind; is Paramount. In addition, each of these ‘Direct Digital Marketing’ Ads has a call to action, making customers engagement urgent and more likely to contact or visit your business and make a purchase.

Create and Optimize Your Business Promotions

You can’t afford to miss the opportunities to promote your business that MAK7Club is giving to you at rock-bottom prices. Your Endorsed Business or Accredited Professional categorization, when combined with monthly specials available to Endorsed members only. Ads will likely lead to more calls, sales and attract a lot more visitors to your business in a short time. However, your Ad must be accurate and specific with a promotion, deal, discount or loss-leader, if you want to reap its benefits.

Endorsed Businesses and Accredited Professionals enjoy a success rate more than two and a half times than stand-alone businesses and professionals.