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SILVER Membership

SILVER Memberships are FREE

Optional: ‘Silver Club Lifetime Membership Card’ $9.95 includes shipping, also includes these Exclusive Benefits below;

Exclusive Promotional Offer

MAK7Club in Cooperation with Eagle Group International, Inc

  • Receive a coupon code for theEAGLECLAWPersonal Self Defense Unit for only $29.95 plus shipping. Regular Club Member price $45.00 plus shipping.
  • Also discounts onEAGLE CLAW‘ Classes and Seminars.
  • PLUS: Discount on – Disaster Survival Seminar


 The MAK7Club has created a Very Exclusive VIP Members Club

These Elite Memberships are offered for a Short Time, and to a Limited Number of members in Each Province and State, throughout Canada and the US. The “MAK7 LIFESTYLES – VIP Club” Membership is an Exclusive Premium Membership that provides access to a wide range of Exclusive and Luxurious Events, Benefits & Privileges, whether at home, away in business or on vacation. The MAK7 LIFESTYLES – VIP Club Membership helps you enjoy the Good Life in Style without all the Traditional Exuberant Expenses.

The MAK7 LIFESTYLES – VIP Club is an Exclusive and Prestigious Club, Within a Club, that MAK7Club and its participating Members are proud of.


Exclusive Events

  • Cocktail Parties,
  • Exotic Culinary Dinners,
  • Exotic Vacations and Weekend Retreats,
  • Social Gatherings with Famous People,
  • Cabaret Shows,
  • Dine and Dance,
  • High-Fashion Shows,
  • Seasonal Celebrations,
  • Travel Abroad Security & Safety Seminars,
  • Diverse Seminars and Workshops,
  • Business Presentations and Promotions,
  • and much more…

Privileged Prices on

  • 5 Star Hotels and Resorts,
  • Exotic Spas,
  • Selected Day Spas,
  • 5 Star Restaurants,
  • Designers Wear,
  • Airlines Ticket Upgrade and Airline Club Access,
  • Exotic and Luxury Car Rental,
  • Aircraft Rental,
  • Sea Cruises,
  • Lawyers, Accountants & Consultants Fees,
  • and much more…

… and a Lot More Good Stuff Coming Throughout the Year, and Years to Come! PLUS, all other benefits and services provide by the MAK7Club , its Business Members, Associates and Partners.

Exclusive Promotional Offer

MAK7Club in Cooperation with Eagle Group International, Inc

          When you purchase the “MAK7 Lifestyles Membership” for $50 you will receive a Gift Certificate for an “EAGLECLAW” personal self-defenses unit for FREE.  Regular Price: $59.95, MAK7Club Member price: $45 plus shipping. In addition your Renewal Fee will remain $50 per year. You will never pay the Regular Fee of $350 per year as a  MAK7 Lifestyles Club Member. 

This offer is limited to the first 200 people in each State and Province who take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Due to Covid restrictions we are extending the VIP membership an additional 6 months, giving you 18 months total.
  • Nevertheless, this Fantastic Offer is Limited in Numbers and Time, No Exceptions. Apply Today to Join This Exclusive and Prestigious Club, and Enjoy!

MAK7Club Endorsed Member – “Seal of Approval”
$145 per Year

InRelation to One Very Important Aspect of Creditability; The MAK7Club Endorsed Member “Seal of Approval” has been a game changer for many and has helped promote and elevate various Businesses, Clubs, Professionals, Realtors, Salespeople, Home Business and many others to a new frontier of recognition and success that they only could have dreamed of prior to being Endorsed by the MAK7Club.

MAK7Club will Endorse the first 500 Members in each State and Province, FREE for the period of 2 Years

Register today with the MAK7Club “Endorsed Members” for FREE and you will be listed and published with the MAK7Club Endorsed “Seal of Approval” Symbol in the Club’s “Doing Business Directory” under your classification. (Please see website front page under “Endorsed Members Registration” Form). Authorized members are allowed to display the symbol on all their advertising, website, stationary, correspondence and others, for the duration allowed by the club.

Read More About the MAK7Club Endorsed Member, Click Here

MAK7 Young Adults Exclusive Club – For 15 to 18 Years old. 
FREE Membership – Coming Soon