A Non-Fighter’s Guide to Street Self-Defense

   Too often when thinking about Personal Protection we focus on the Defensive aspect. We talk about being ready to defend ourselves and those we love and we have a plan to defend our homes. I think this is a misconception that is going to get someone hurt or killed because when you are on the Defense that means ONE THING … Someone is doing something to you. Being on the Defense means you are Being Attacked and your Life may be in danger, you are covering, hiding, fortifying, or blocking, and, really, it is Impossible to stop an attacker with Defensive  Actions.

  Think about it for a minute, realistically … there nothing Defensive about striking, kicking or inflicting pain and damage on someone that is a threat and is trying to hurt or kill you. You want to be on the Offence. When it comes time to protect yourself or defend your life, you want to bring the maximum amount of violence to bear as fast as possible and overwhelm your attacker. Re-read that last sentence and ask yourself… is that the definition of defense? You must acknowledge the fact that physical assaults are Aggressive, Destructive and Non-Forgiving, and that in such a situation you must react as prescribed … thinking or acting otherwise is self inflicting damage and detrimental to your Health. We need to talk about Real Personal Protection, Re-Activating Our Natural Life Survival Instincts and Re-Training Our Determined and Aggressive (calculated, NOT stupid aggression) Mindset, and we need to start now!

  While we should never discount a defense completely, the defense is what we establish to ensnare our opponent/attacker and slow him down to give us the initiative and use our offense to win the fight. When you are attacked initially, you may be surprised or startled and begin the fight in a defensive posture. You have to move from defense to offense as quickly as possible and be the one who dominates (mostly when weapons are involved)! You have to act with intent! Remember that, when the fight is on, your Body is vulnerable to serious injury and your Life may be at risk, in such a situation you have to act aggressively and decisively. There is NO Time to assess and come up with a plan. This is the moment that your Survival Mindset, your Protective Actions, the Training and Fighting Skills you have (or don’t have) is going to kick in. There is only ONE GOAL, be the one who walks away and take as little damage as possible during the altercation.

  Your intention is to use violence and inflict pain and damage upon the attacker. You have to do this, or you will become the Victim or… a Statistic. You have to think about this NOW while you read this, rather than thinking about it when you are faced with a Real Situation or a Lethal Threat.

  Violence is nothing more than a tool. Bad guys use it to intimidate, harm, rape, steal or kill. You use violence to fight off the attack, minimize injury, protect yourself and possibly defend your Life. Using violence is not a bad thing and you need to RECONCILE Yourself that hurting someone, may be what Saves Your Life or Your Loved Ones. You have to establish your own rules of engagement NOW, so when it comes time to Fight to Prevent Serious Injury or Save Your Life … You FIGHT TO WIN!

          Remember This … When it comes to Personal Protection and Violence the biggest difficulty you face is Not Your Attacker … it IS YOU. The problem is Your Way of Thinking; Your Fears, Your Hesitation, Your Perception, Your Skill and Ability to fight back, and, Above All, Your Resolute, Determined and Aggressive (calculated) MINDSET to Effectively Deal and Stop the Attacker … QUICKLY.

The Difference Between Impossible and Possible is Inside You …. Your MINDSET.

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