What is the MAK7Club?

MAK7Club is an Umbrella Organization that caters to Thousands of Individuals and a Wide Range of Groups, Clubs, Unions, Societies, Associations, Organizations, Businesses and National & International Corporations.

MAK7Club is a progressive, social and networking organization where people unite, promote and inspire each other, share advice and knowledge, open doors for each other, help each other progress and succeed, have fun, enjoy life and live life to the fullest.

The Power of the MAK7Club Community is Magical and Unique; it Creates Strong and Lasting Friendships, Influential Connections, Opportunity, Self-Confidence, Energy, Motivation, Purpose and Success.

Here is a Small Portion of the Benefits and Opportunities Offered to MAK7Club Silver and Business Memberships, Which – Of Course … Are FREE.

  • MAK7Club Organizes for its members a multitude of fantastic and affordable Leisure and Social Events; i.e. dances, dinners, seasonal celebrations & festivities, gastronomic & cocktail parties, multi-cultural traditional BBQ’s, exotic entertainment and festivities, extraordinary events (i.e. cigar, wine, brandy, whiskey and beer, gathering parties), various sport events, and many others, throughout the year that Enable our members to Mingle with all other MAK7Club Members, Associates, Partners and Guests, that will in fact Facilitate Salespeople, Realtors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Home and Small Business Members in Making New Friends and Promote Themselves, Their Skills, Their Businesses, Their Products and Services, to thousands of people … for FREE. It’s been said that you don’t build your own Success. You build people, and people build your Success.
  • MAK7Club Members Benefit from businesses discounts and promotions; i.e. restaurants, hotels, merchandise, consumer goods, fitness, martial arts, beauty care, entertainment, shows, concerts, professional sport events, charters, holiday packages, hotel packages, airline packages, cruise-ship packages, spa and wellness packages, expos, and many others, provided by the MAK7Club Business Members, Associates, and National & International Corporate Partners. Plus, first view on clearances: i.e. over stock merchandise, seasonal change, insurance and damaged goods, bankruptcies, etc.
  • MAK7Club Makes Available to its members a wide range of diversified seminars and workshops, roundtable business meetings, business presentations and shows, businesses opportunity and investment forums, educational programs, a multiplicity of professional services, consumer and business dispute mediation, fundraisers for a cause, “Caring Hand” assistance, dental and extended health insurance, and many others.
  • MAK7Club Facilitates one-on-one business connections, personal introductions, and influential contacts that will open doors for all members at many levels of society. MAK7 is active in all fronts that benefits, helps, facilitates, boosts, promotes, heighten and advance our members. MAK7 is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our members.

 As part of MAK7Club, you will be exposed to a diverse range of quality people, from all types of backgrounds, with a variety of personal and professional skills, connections, influence, knowledge, experience and know-how, that are Important and Extremely Beneficial to Every MAK7 Member. Furthermore, having a Multitude of Friends and the Right Connections When You’re a Salesperson, a Consultant, a Contractor, Entrepreneur, Self-Employed, or Running a Home or Small Business, the MAK7Club Novel Concept – Can and Will Work Magic for YOU. 

   Learning from others’ knowledge and experience, making personal and professional connections, and creating new friendships, can save you time and money, enhance your life and/or your business, and may help you avoid making bad decisions and costly mistakes.

At MAK7Club you will find the most helpful tools and the best opportunities to make your Life a lot easier and happier, and above all, Yourself a Complete Success.

Can The MAK7Club Benefit You?

We encourage anybody who is interested to give it a go – Like we always say; Progress, Happiness and Success, is all about trying New Experiences and New Venues you wouldn’t otherwise have taken part in, with Friends and Influential People you wouldn’t otherwise have met, and maybe, given Exceptional Opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have.

All You Need is a Way to Meet Them.

Coming Soon

MAK7 Young Adults Exclusive Club – 15 to 18 Years old

Memberships are FREE – The Ultimate Young Adults Club that offers fantastic Opportunities, Entertaining Events, Games, Shows, Merchandise Discounts, Rewards and lots of FREE Suff. You’ll find yourself meeting quality people, making new friends, getting infrequent opportunities, acquiring knowledge and doing all sorts of life enjoying things you wouldn’t normally experience.

We need Directors and Organizers for the MAK7 Young Adults Club. For all those interested, please email us at:   mak7youngadultsclub@mak7club.com

MAK7Club Silver Membership is FREE, sign up today…

Optional: ‘Silver Club Lifetime Membership Card’ $9.95, also includes these Exclusive Benefits below:

  • Receive a coupon for the ‘EAGLECLAW‘ personal self defense unit for only $29.95 plus shipping. Regular Club Member price $45.00 plus shipping.
  • Also discounts on ‘EAGLE CLAWClasses and Seminars.