What is the MAK7Club?

MAK7Club is an Umbrella Organization that caters to a multitude of People and a wide range of Businesses, including; Singles, Married, Seniors, Young Adults, Trades-People, Entrepreneurs, Social & Networking Clubs, Associations, Diplomats. Bureaucrats, Professionals, Realtors, Salespeople, Home Business, and many others.

MAK7Club is a progressive, social and networking organization that strives to build a membership where people and businesses unite, promote and inspire each other, share advice and knowledge, open doors for each other, create lasting friendships, have fun, enjoy life and help each other to live life to the fullest. The Power of the MAK7Club Community is Unique; it Creates Opportunity, Recognition, Loyalty, Strong Friendships, Influential Connections, Energy, Motivation, Purpose and Success.

People are the heart of our Organization – maintaining a close connection with all Members, and actively supporting and promoting our network of Businesses, is a core ingredient in our recipe for turning members and business owner’s dreams into reality and success.

MAK7Club is committed to bring unique value to our members in helping identify and deliver the right solutions to meet their needs. Whether you are a person who likes to have fun, meet new people, need information, advice, an important introduction, or are an aspiring business owner, a entrepreneur, an existing business, a professional, a realtor, a salesperson or a home business, we encourage you to join the MAK7Club and discover how we can help you meet your personal or professional goals.

MAK7Club has partnered with best in class professionals. ‘Bringing the Best Together’ is not only our moto but the way in which we operate. MAK7 is active in all fronts that benefits, helps, facilitates, boosts, promotes, heighten and advances our members. MAK7 is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of our members. Our Mission is to Enhance all Members Well-Being, Happiness, Satisfaction and Success.

Over the past few months we have been growing our Membership and expanding our platform of Businesses, Associates and Corporate Partners, at an unprecedented pace. Our success is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication we devote to Each Member, Associate and Partner – whether large or small.

The MAK7Club as of September 2021 will be actively promoted through expos, events, activities, fundraisers, functions, magazines, brochures, posters, media interviews, websites, directories, various social media channels and many others, thus, exposing MAK7Club Activities, Events, Benefits, Services and Businesses Members to the masses, generating thousands of new customers and friends in Your City, State or Province, and new member enrolments throughout North America and the World.

The entire world has come to realize that networking, socializing, creating new friendships and having powerful personal connections is paramount in today’s personal lives and business world. Our Membership of Individuals, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Realtors, Salespeople, Home Business, Associates, Diplomats. Bureaucrats, and Corporate Partners Combination, is a Powerful Tool in the success of the club and All our members that will continue to grow solidly even through difficult social and economic climates.

More advantages and benefits for All Members

  • Members receive the benefit of a greater scale of the MAK7Club advertising and promotional activities, therefore, creating a greater public awareness of all Business and Professional Members.
  • Cost effective advertising and promotional activities.
  • Members receive the benefit of stronger purchasing power and considerable MAK7Club–Corporate Partners discounts
  • Interaction with fellow Business and Professional Members enabling the swapping of ideas and improving operational systems
  • MAK7Club makes available to its members a wide range of diversified seminars, workshops, roundtable business meetings, business presentations and shows, a multiplicity of professional services, consumer protection and mediation, dental and extended health insurance, businesses discounts and promotions (i.e. restaurants, merchandise, consumer goods, fitness, martial arts, beauty care, entertainment, shows, concerts, professional sport events, charters, holiday packages, hotel packages, airline packages, cruise-ship packages, spa and wellness packages, expos), and many others, provided by the MAK7Club, Business Members, Associates and Corporate Partners.
  • MAK7Club also creates for its members a multitude of fantastic and affordable Leisure and Social Events; i.e. dances, dinners, seasonal celebrations & festivities, gastronomic & cocktail parties, multi-cultural traditional BBQ’s, exotic entertainment and festivities, extraordinary events (i.e. cigar, wine, brandy, whiskey and beer, gathering parties), various sport events, and many others, throughout the year that Enable our members to Mingle with all other MAK7Club Members, Associates, Partners and Guests, that will in fact Facilitate business members in Making New Friends, Promote Themselves, Their Businesses and Services … for FREE.

Success is being in the know. MAK7Club is always in the loop, consistently cultivating leading edge solutions for our members and constantly tapping in on the latest news and market intelligence in order to inform and help our members to stay abreast of industrial/commercial changes and social trends.

The “CARING-HAND” ProjectMAK7Club has established a compassionate division, operated by volunteer members to raise funds for members and pet owners that have fallen victim to financial hardships. “This is something very dear to us, to the point that we have designed and created the “CARING-HAND” Project as a way to help individuals lessen their financial burden until they get back up on their feet.” Typically it’s used for members who have fallen on difficult financial times, and cannot afford the basic financial commitments and purchase essential living needs, or they’re just not able to buy food, medication and health care products for their pet, or pay for an emergency type situation for their pet at that critical moment. (It happens a lot to Elderly People living alone with a pet – their only companion and best friend)

Even a small amount of money from members, friends, businesses, associates, corporate partners and assistance from MAK7Club volunteers can help alleviate their worries, hopelessness and suffering.

“CARING-HAND” operates through a Royal Bank of Canada – Trust Account and Donates 100% of the full amount raised directly to the cause.

MAK7Club is committed to actively donate a percentage of the amount received from local advertising, functions and others to Children’s Hospitals, chosen Nonprofit Groups and selected Animal Welfare Organizations, in all States and Provinces that MAK7Club operates in.

The MAK7Club prides itself on “Bringing the Best Together”… can you afford not to be seen as a MAK7Club Member?

“Silver Memberships” are FREE for Life!

“Doing Business Directory” listings are FREE.

A “MAK7Club Endorsement” is FREE for 2 Years…for the first 500 Members in each State and Province. (A value of $145 per Year).

Register today with the MAK7Club “Endorsed Members” for FREE and you will be listed and published with the MAK7Club Endorsed “Seal of Approval” Symbol in the Club’s “Doing Business Directory” under your classification. (Please see website front page under “Endorsed Members Registration” Form). Authorized members are allowed to display the symbol on all their advertising, website, correspondence and others, for the duration allowed by the club.

PS. Please inform your friends and relatives who may be interested in joining the club and/or Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and others that may want to be listed in the club “Doing Business Directory” for FREE,  Thank You.

Coming Soon

MAK7 Young Adults Exclusive Club – 15 to 18 Years old

Memberships are FREE – The Ultimate Young Adults Club that offers fantastic Opportunities, Entertaining Events, Games, Shows, Merchandise Discounts, Rewards and lots of FREE Suff. You’ll find yourself meeting quality people, making new friends, getting infrequent opportunities, acquiring knowledge and doing all sorts of life enjoying things you wouldn’t normally experience.

We need Directors and Organizers for the MAK7 Young Adults Club. For all those interested, please email us at:   mak7youngadultsclub@mak7club.com

MAK7Club Silver Membership is FREE, sign up today…

Optional: ‘Silver Club Lifetime Membership Card’ $9.95, also includes these Exclusive Benefits below:

  • Receive a coupon for the ‘EAGLECLAW‘ personal self defense unit for only $29.95 plus shipping. Regular Club Member price $45.00 plus shipping.
  • Also discounts on ‘EAGLE CLAWClasses and Seminars.