Why Join the MAK7Club?

     MAK7Club is much more than a Club or an Association of People and Businesses. MAK7 is a collective of vibrant individuals, and with the energy that the members bring to the events, meetings, seminars, workshops, games, ventures, trips and special functions, forms strong friendships, creates powerful alliances, augments business and professional connections, enhances their quality of life, shapes and reshapes lives, and makes a lasting difference too.

    MAK7Club Membership is comprised of people united by a common sensibility and sense of purpose, and who want more out of life.

   MAK7 Members when asked why they joined MAK7 you will get a variety of different answers. For many it is the knowledge and skills acquired through our seminars, workshops and educational events, for others, it is the travel, social and leisure aspect – they want to widen their circle of friends, meet quality people, socialize, do things, laugh, enjoy life, have fun and good times, for others, it is the MAK7 services, professional services referral, consumer protection & mediation, business discounts & promotions, for other it is the business security consulting, affordable advertising, networking and business exposure opportunities, for others, they find it a great way to build up a new social, progressive and professional network. 

   However, most MAK7 Members are getting together for everything, from Dinners, Fitness, Jogging and Movies, to watching a Sports Game or even a Drink or a Meal at a local pub or restaurant. These social events and personal connections are the lifeblood of the MAK7Club – bringing individuals together, for Fun, a Laugh and a Good Time…Is Paramount.

What Else Can The MAK7Club Do For Its Members?

   As a part of MAK7you will be exposed to a diverse range of quality people, from all types of backgrounds, with a variety of personal and professional skills, connections, knowledge, experience and know-how, that are Important and Extremely Beneficial to Every MAK7 Member. Broaden Your Horizons, and you’ll find yourself meeting quality people, getting infrequent opportunities, acquiring knowledge, learning, laughing, enjoying life and doing all sorts of life enjoyable things you wouldn’t normally experience.

   Learning from others’ knowledge and experience, making personal and professional connections, and creating new friendships, can save you time and money, enhance your life and/or your business, and may help you avoid making bad decisions and costly mistakes.

All You Need is a Way to Meet Them.

Another Solid Hallmark MAK7Club “Social Network”

When asked about the MAK7 Social Network Benefits and Services, it can be explained this way: “In the Most Purest Sense, MAK7 is a Multitude of Individuals, who all work collectively to advance, improve, inspire, facilitate and help each other both Personally and Professionally.” Further More, “In Relation to One Aspect, the MAK7 Social Network has been a game changer for many and has helped elevate various individuals, professionals and businesses to a new frontier of success that they only could have dreamed of prior to joining the Club.”

Can The MAK7Club Benefit You?

We encourage anybody who is interested to give it a go – Like we’ve already said, it is all about trying New Experiences and New Venues you wouldn’t otherwise have taken part in, with Friends you wouldn’t otherwise have met, and maybe, given Exceptional Opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have. Again, All You Need is a Way to Meet Them.

  Interested? Register online (Silver Memberships are FREE) and decide for yourself whether the MAK7Club could benefit you.

We are looking for members to get involved and join our team. There are many opportunities that may suit your interests and skills. We need your support to build, grow, and sustain our club. We also welcome suggestions regarding events and venues, special interests and programming, and other ideas to help shape the MAK7Club. .