“Fear Management & Self-Confidence Project”

The difference between Fear and “Being Afraid” are two distinct subjects that should be understood by every individual. When you learn the difference and practice it, this reality will completely chance your life.

”Being Afraid” has always been the great enemy of success and achievement. More people are held back by “Being Afraid” than by any other factor. It is a feeling that overrides our intelligence, and most of the time it Stops us from moving towards our goals, and overall worsens our quality of life.

    People often do not recognize the impact of “Being Afraid” has in their lives, simply because they use different words to describe the feeling – words such as worry, apprehension, perception, nervousness, stress, shyness or anxiety. Specific perceived  fears can also be hard to discover, even though they may constrain our lives immensely – perceived fears such as “Being Afraid” of physical contact, fighting back to protect ourselves, injury, retaliation, failure, rejection, making mistakes, meeting new people, social gatherings, making small talk, expressing your opinion, asking for what you want, and many, many others.

“Being Afraid” is the number one cause of lack of self-confidence and self-worth, it is an unpleasant consequence  in some individuals’ Lives, and for many people, this emotional feeling run very deep and powerful, and they may never truly be able to overpower the times of torment and anguish in their lifetime.

    Our goal in “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™ Workshops is to overcome perceived fears, build true self-confidence and self-worth, learn how to analyze situations and calculate the odds, enhance memory recall, adopt a positive and open-minded attitude, become well-informed and learn how to verify information, attain self-motivation and willpower, optimize-time and develop visualization and creativity, so that we can make our own, rational choices on how to act and function, instead of just reacting blindly and recklessly in a fearful, important, decisive, sensitive or lifesaving situation.

What is the “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™?

     The “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™ is a Mindset Development Skills, Optimum Mental Performance and Perceived Fears Control Strategies Program that is based on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Training Program called, ”Advanced Psychology and Comprehensive Mindset Fitness” (APCMF) and available only to operatives of the highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) Paramilitary Unit and more specifically its Elite Special Operations Group (SOG).

For Your Information – Here is the Philosophy & Resolute Mindset of a SOG Operative, known as; Paramilitary Operations Officer).

There may be no individual in the World more Analytic, Decisive, Creative or Confident than a CIA Special Operations Group (SOG) Paramilitary Operations Officer. The extensive Psychological Training and Operation Procedures that he learns and practices foster Several Mindsets that persist through mission completion. The difficulty of a challenge doesn’t diminish his confidence because he exists in a culture that demands no fear, no failure, assertiveness, courage, creativity, determination, adaptability, a resolve attitude and a winning approach at all levels of a mission.

     Given this understanding of the Human Brain Potential and Performance Capabilities, Roy Maia, an Ex-CIA SOG Officer, US Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA) HUMINT Member, Green Berets Direct-Action Advisor, International Security Consultant, USDD Certified Service Contractor and Founder of Eagle Group International – EGI, designed a “CivilianUser Friendly Version” of the CIA (APCMF) Training Program called the “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™ to assist individuals manage and eliminate self-destruct emotions, achieve inspiring goals and success, and to meet the needs of Optimum Mental Performance in a wide spectrum of professional occupations, small businesses, corporations and organizations.

To Change Your Perceived Fears and Your Mindset is Not Easy—but it is one of the most powerful things you can do. Learning how to Recognize Your Perceived Fears and Acknowledging Your Mindset Performance Level is the first step. Once you do, you will be empowered to make those powerful changes and start seeking out the Optimum Brain Performance—Performance, Knowledge, Skills and Strategies that are very rarely seen in One Individual Alone. Joining the “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™ Program and practicing the Skills andStrategies Acquired can often Turn Your Entire Life Around

     IN SHORT, like most other things, the more you practice and use it appropriately, the better you will become. With time the responses practiced and the Mindset Skills and Strategies learnt become automatic.

     Eventually, this type of Mental Training and Performance responses becomes a Way of Life. It comes a way of responding to a particular situation or event in a more effective, positive, controlled way. These more conducive responses will help to realize Your Potential in whatever you pursue. Learning these “Fear Management & Self-Defense Project”™ Mindset Skills and Strategies will last you a Lifetime and allow you to enjoy your Life and Performance much more at a much higher level than you have previously attained.

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